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First of all let us explain what is waasmedic.exe file, and why its in your PC. find out which company produced this file so you could decide if it is safe file or dangerous file.

File name:
file path:
c \windows\ winsxsamd64_microsoft- \windows\ -waasmedic_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.16232.1000_none_26888a780c5936e8 \waasmedic.exe
file size:
209920 (byte)
file version:
MD5 signature:

What did PC. users do with waasmedic.exe file?

Total PC users votes is ( 479), 196 PC users says I will keep waasmedic.exe file because I think it's safe file, and 283 says I will remove it from my computer it's dangerous file. 3/ 5

PC Users votes for waasmedic.exe file

I think it's safe file  

I think it's Dangerous file  

What will you do with waasmedic.exe file?

I will keep this file, It is safe.
 I will remove this file, It is not safe.

randio Says
i will not uninstall it but i will certainly firewall it since it is trying to connect to bingbot @ and microsoft is not willing to divulge why? ....
05/09/2017 06:02:44
francisco Says
el avgfree me dice que es una amenaza y la ubicacion es c:windowssystem32 (la carpeta que mencionan no existe, es otra con diferentes números) esto no tiene mucho sentido (antivirus actualizado) y no he instalado nada, hubo una actualización de win10 pero hace 11 dias, miro en cwindows.oldwindowssystem32 y no existe el archivo, es curioso porque el usuario que tiene control total es trustedinstaller (nota: al ser un portátil suelo bajar la tapa y solo reinicio 1 vez semana o mas). veo que no se esta ejecutando (administrador de tareas). la página oficial microsoft no dicen nada. creo un punto de restauración (tal vez excesivo pero tarda poco..). lo intento poner en cuarentena (avgfree) y no deja, me parece correcto que no deje. (se queda mas de 5 minutos intentándolo y no da error, finalicé la tarea) reinicio el equipo y así se queda, entiendo que es un fallo de actualizaciÓn en mi caso. ....
29/12/2017 09:09:21
It will be nice to tell us why you are searching for waasmedic.exe file, so we could give a better service for our users.

Don't leave with out sharing your opinion for waasmedic.exe

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Some times you make changes to your system, which affects your system stability. Some of these changes add files to your PC like (waasmedic.exe) and those files may be harmful, and others remove essential files like (waasmedic.exe) from your system that will affect it's stability.
You could fix such problems by performing different tactics .

how to perform system restore to fix waasmedic.exe problems

1- click windows "start" button.
2- click "all programs" and then select "Accessories" then select "system tools" folder.
3- run "system restore".
4- when system restore window appears click "Next" button.
5- select the restore point to roll back your system to.
6- click the "next" button.
7- click "finish" button.
when this process finishes your PC will restart.
perform system restore to fix waasmedic.exe problems how to perform system restore

Another way to solve waasmedic.exe problem

you may face that waasmedic.exe file is missing or couldn't find waasmedic.exe file, this happen because of viruses or by mistake delete this file.
1- find the exact program that add waasmedic.exe file. our expectations says it belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System software.
2- remove Microsoft Windows Operating System program or software from your windows.

how to uninstall Microsoft Windows Operating System software from windows.

- go to control panel.
- then run "uninstall a program"
- select the program from step 1 (Microsoft Windows Operating System) then click "uninstall" button.
after you successfully uninstall this software, download a new copy from Microsoft Windows Operating System and install it again in your system, that will fix missing or couldn't find waasmedic.exe file.
if waasmedic.exe file belongs to window operating system please go to this step
control panel uninstall Microsoft Windows Operating System software from windows

How to use "System File Checker" tool

if you have a problem with windows system protected files, we will try to solve it by restoring these file with "System File Checker" tool.
- click start button.
- then in search box write "cmd.exe"
- right click cmd.exe and the select "run as administrator"
- in command window write sfc /scannow and hit enter button.
the system scan may take a while so please be patient.
cmd.exe run as administrator System File Checker

* keep in mind to have your pc protected by reliable Anti Malware software, I recommend Asmwsoft Anti Malware Software.
* To boost your PC performance we recommend Asmwsoft PC optimizer it is a good utility to have in your pc.

Finally keep your PC drivers updated.

How to update system drivers using "Device Manager"

-click Start.
-in search box write Device Manager
-click Device Manager at the top of search.
-expand the category with the hardware you want to update.
-select the device and click right mouse button, then select update driver.
- then "click the Search automatically for updated driver software" option.
Device Manager update system drivers using "Device Manager"
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