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First of all let us explain what is driverpack-notifier.exe file, and why its in your PC. find out which company produced this file so you could decide if it is safe file or dangerous file.

File name:
file path:
cusersfrontappdataroamingdrpsuprograms \driverpack-notifier.exe
file size:
916888 (byte)
file version:
Unknown version
MD5 signature:

What did PC. users do with driverpack-notifier.exe file?

Total PC users votes is ( 438), 97 PC users says I will keep driverpack-notifier.exe file because I think it's safe file, and 341 says I will remove it from my computer it's dangerous file. 2/ 5

PC Users votes for driverpack-notifier.exe file

I think it's safe file  

I think it's Dangerous file  

What will you do with driverpack-notifier.exe file?

I will keep this file, It is safe.
 I will remove this file, It is not safe.

mario Says
peligroso ....
04/06/2018 04:51:42
It will be nice to tell us why you are searching for driverpack-notifier.exe file, so we could give a better service for our users.

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Some times you make changes to your system, which affects your system stability. Some of these changes add files to your PC like (driverpack-notifier.exe) and those files may be harmful, and others remove essential files like (driverpack-notifier.exe) from your system that will affect it's stability.
You could fix such problems by performing different tactics .

how to perform system restore to fix driverpack-notifier.exe problems

1- click windows "start" button.
2- click "all programs" and then select "Accessories" then select "system tools" folder.
3- run "system restore".
4- when system restore window appears click "Next" button.
5- select the restore point to roll back your system to.
6- click the "next" button.
7- click "finish" button.
when this process finishes your PC will restart.
perform system restore to fix driverpack-notifier.exe problems how to perform system restore

Another way to solve driverpack-notifier.exe problem

you may face that driverpack-notifier.exe file is missing or couldn't find driverpack-notifier.exe file, this happen because of viruses or by mistake delete this file.
1- find the exact program that add driverpack-notifier.exe file. our expectations says it belongs to unknown product software.
2- remove unknown product program or software from your windows.

how to uninstall unknown product software from windows.

- go to control panel.
- then run "uninstall a program"
- select the program from step 1 (unknown product) then click "uninstall" button.
after you successfully uninstall this software, download a new copy from unknown product and install it again in your system, that will fix missing or couldn't find driverpack-notifier.exe file.
if driverpack-notifier.exe file belongs to window operating system please go to this step
control panel uninstall unknown product software from windows

How to use "System File Checker" tool

if you have a problem with windows system protected files, we will try to solve it by restoring these file with "System File Checker" tool.
- click start button.
- then in search box write "cmd.exe"
- right click cmd.exe and the select "run as administrator"
- in command window write sfc /scannow and hit enter button.
the system scan may take a while so please be patient.
cmd.exe run as administrator System File Checker

* keep in mind to have your pc protected by reliable antivirus software, I recommend AVG Antivirus Free Software.
* To boost your PC performance we recommend Asmwsoft PC optimizer it is a good utility to have in your pc.

Finally keep your PC drivers updated.

How to update system drivers using "Device Manager"

-click Start.
-in search box write Device Manager
-click Device Manager at the top of search.
-expand the category with the hardware you want to update.
-select the device and click right mouse button, then select update driver.
- then "click the Search automatically for updated driver software" option.
Device Manager update system drivers using "Device Manager"
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