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How to uninstall program- remove software from PC?

In this tutorial i will show you how to uninstall program- remove software from PC in easy steps.

Have you ever been bothered with software applications that just won't uninstall themselves from the Add/Remove Programs list found in the Control Panel of Windows?

Or seen duplicate entries there?  if you are having problems with uninstalling a program from this list of applications, simply we will use Asmwsoft PC Optimizer To do that in simple steps.

First step download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer

How to uninstall program- remove software from PC

Free Download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer

Recommended actions to keep your PC Optimized

causes Registry Errors : Scan and fix your system for registry errors
Force Delete file : unlock & delete a locked file
Uninstall file : uninstall program that add this file
Clean out junk files : Check all common locations on your PC that may house temporary files, cache, old logs and other junk, then remove everything in a click to free up disk space
Top Requested Files
[31891] twofish.dll
[31378] agcinvokerutility.exe
[27917] avlaunch.exe
[27649] msascuil.exe
[25805] nvidia web helper.exe
[25779] nvcontainer.exe
[23098] bsvcprocessor.exe
[23058] gldriverquery.exe
[22876] vidnotifier.exe
[20514] rtl120.bpl
Top Voted Files
[694] cop.dll
[638] lenovo.modern.imcontroller.pluginhost.settingsapp.exe
[226] AddInProcess.exe
[225] kms-r@1n.exe
[211] verify bin files before installation.bat
[201] ivk_prec.dll
[200] vs_preclean_vs.exe
[197] exitlag.exe
[197] ffmpeg.dll