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How to uninstall program- remove software from PC?

In this tutorial i will show you how to uninstall program- remove software from PC in easy steps.

Have you ever been bothered with software applications that just won't uninstall themselves from the Add/Remove Programs list found in the Control Panel of Windows?

Or seen duplicate entries there?  if you are having problems with uninstalling a program from this list of applications, simply we will use Asmwsoft PC Optimizer To do that in simple steps.

First step download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer

  •  Run Asmwsoft PC Optimizer then select "Fix invalid installation" button.

How to uninstall program- remove software from PC

  •  click "fix invalid entries" button to quickly fix invalid installation entries.
  • To completely remove the software and files installed when you install the software in your PC.
    • select and click the software from the program list.
    • click the "uninstall program" button the simply follow instruction of removing.
    • when uninstallation finished click the "refresh" button if you still seeing the program name in program list, then click the software again.
    • click "delete entry" button.
  • if you want to get full information of any installed program then select the software from programs list then click the "program info" button.

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