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nv4_mini.sys What is this file?

First of all let us explain what is nv4_mini.sys file, and why its in your PC. find out which company produced this file so you could decide if it is safe file or dangerous file.

File name:
file path:
file size:
1897408.00 (byte)
file version:
MD5 signature:

Recommended actions to fix nv4_mini.sys file

nv4_mini.sys causes Registry Errors :

Tutorial how to Scan and fix your system for registry errors

In this tutorial i will show you how to fix system registry errors in easy steps.

Optimizing the Windows registry can significantly enhance your computer's performance. It is also important to understand that even when the redundant registry entries refer to files or folders, the program only deletes the entries in the registry, not the files or folders on your system.

First step download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer
  •  Run Asmwsoft PC Optimizer then select Fix Registry problems.

fix registry errors

  •  then click select all option then click start, it may take few minutes depending on your registry file size.
  • after finishing search please click "Fix Selected" button.
  • if you run the registry fix tool for the first time you will be prompted to take a backup copy of the registry.

Tutorial how to unlock & delete nv4_mini.sys locked file

In this tutorial i will show you How to unlock and delete locked files and folders in easy steps.

First step download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer

  •  Run Asmwsoft PC Optimizer then select "Force Deleter" button.

How to unlock and delete locked file and folders

  •  click "add file" button to add file that you want to unlock and delete, you could add files as many as you need.
  •  click "add folder" button, to add locked folder to delete.
  • Click the "unlock and delete" button.
  • you may need to restart your pc to remove some locked files or folders

How to unlock and delete locked files and folders by changing their ownership

Sometimes, you can't remove or delete a file because you don't have ownership rights to do so, and here comes the obvious question, why don't I have the right to delete a specific file or folder? The short answer is that your files or folders may have been created in the past when you had a different operating system than the current one, so the files are compatible with that previous version of the operating system but not with the current version, so you must first give ownership through the installed operating system Currently on your device, and only then you can delete any private files with ease, just follow the steps as follows:-

Step 1. Choose the file or folder you wish to delete and right click on it.

Step 2. Select Properties from the context menu, and the file properties window will appear immediately.

Step 3. Go to the “Security” tab, and click on the “Advanced” button.

Advanced security settings for locked file not to be deleted

Step 4. When you go to the advanced security settings window, you will discover the owner of the file under the name “Owner”.

Step 5. In some cases, the OS name is written as the owner name, or other times it appears as “TrustedInstaller”, however, now just click on the “Change” button next to the owner name.
Change the owner of the file to be able to delete it

Note: TrustedInstaller is a built-in Windows account responsible for removing and modifying updates and various other essential components. So if you find the file owner name is “TrustedInstaller”, it is best not to change or delete it; Because that makes the file system more unstable, so change the name from "TrustedInstaller" to something else. If you know exactly what you're doing, be careful applying the steps.

Step 6. Inside the “Enter the object name to select” box, enter a new username and press “Check Names” to check whether it is ok or not, finally, click “OK” to save the changes.
Deleting a file is undeletable by changing the primary owner

Step 7. Go back to the advanced security settings and you will notice a checkbox named “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects”, simply tick this checkbox, click “Apply” to save the changes, then “OK”.

Step 8. Now exit the file properties window, and restart your computer.

Step 9. Now open the properties of the file you want to delete again by right-clicking on it, and choose from the “Properties” menu, then go to the Security tab, and then click on “Advanced”.

Step 10. Again, under the “Permission” tab, check the “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object” option.

Step 11. Next, click on the Edit button below it, and in the Permission window, select the Full Control option and click on OK.

Now try deleting the file or folder again, this time for sure the file will be deleted without any problem.

Delete Locked files by disabling the antivirus

Antivirus is a necessity in every computer, antivirus software contains many useful tools and features that help protect files and folders from any virus or malicious software, sometimes you will not be able to delete your files, where there is another possible reason, which is that your Antivirus prevents deleting some files, if you are having trouble deleting your files, you need to check your antivirus software once, even this type of software causes problems and prevents you from deleting files and folders.

How to uninstall nv4_mini.sys program- remove software from PC?

In this tutorial i will show you how to uninstall program- remove software from PC in easy steps.

Have you ever been bothered with software applications that just won't uninstall themselves from the Add/Remove Programs list found in the Control Panel of Windows?

Or seen duplicate entries there?  if you are having problems with uninstalling a program from this list of applications, simply we will use Asmwsoft PC Optimizer To do that in simple steps.

First step download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer
  •  Run Asmwsoft PC Optimizer then select "Fix invalid installation" button.

How to uninstall program- remove software from PC

  •  click "fix invalid entries" button to quickly fix invalid installation entries.
  • To completely remove the software and files installed when you install the software in your PC.
    • select and click the software from the program list.
    • click the "uninstall program" button the simply follow instruction of removing.
    • when uninstallation finished click the "refresh" button if you still seeing the program name in program list, then click the software again.
    • click "delete entry" button.
  • if you want to get full information of any installed program then select the software from programs list then click the "program info" button.

How to Clean out junk files to free up disk space?

In this tutorial i will show you How to Clean out junk files to free up disk space in easy steps.

junk files are files created by Windows and other software that write temporary files, during installation and when running.

First step download Asmwsoft PC Optimizer
  •  Run Asmwsoft PC Optimizer then select "Clean Junk Files" button.

How to Clean out junk files to free up disk space

  •  click "Start" button to start searching for junk files in your PC, and wait for the search to finish.
  • Then click the "Select All" button.
  • Click the "start cleaning" button.

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MD5 signiture: 2b298519edbfcf451d43e0f1e8f1006d